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We got Frank Kern Funnels

Frank Kern has been doing funnels since the internet was started 🙂 he is the master of selling via video and his results in advance has been copied by everyone.

Frank was made famous in the internet marketing world when he was sued by the FTC in 2006, which was all over selling the resell rights to his product instant internet empires.

If anyone can teach you about recovering from rock bottom it’s Frank.


Frank has created many products over the years starting with the underachiever method.

And of course his core offer for many years was Mass control.

Frank Kern is a very productive product creator having created 30+ products over the years all of which were first released as a high ticket item in the 2k – 3k region.

Frank is an exceptional educator who has taught hundreds of thousands of students though the free trainings he has put out over the years and says himself that he has helped in the region of 90k businesses sell online.

Pretty imressive record making Frank a living legend in the internet marketing community and beyond.

No swipe file would be complete without the inclusion of Frank Kern.


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