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Every Marketer Needs a Swipe File

Every great marketer has a swipe file

But maintaining an effective swipe file is a royal pain in the…. neck!

It takes a lot of hours to maintain anything especially something as large as thousands of images!

So your average marketer goes without!

Good marketers are always learning.

There is no better way to learn than from the people already having great success.

That’s where a swipe file comes in.

One of YOUR most valuable research tools

Think about it!

Would it help you to be able to take a peak at what’s working now?

Draw back the curtain so to speak and be able to see the copy used to suck hundreds of millions of dollars out of peoples wallets!

If you could “model” the secrets used by some of the greatest marketers on the planet and their armies of copy writers, graphic designers and testers.

Would it help you?

Heres what you’re getting today

A massive collection of funnels that work

(New funnels uploaded weekly)

Presentation Funnels

AKA Webinars and on demand training

Value $497

Lead funnels

Do you want to see what the experts do to get leads?

Value $497

Cart Funnels

The bread and butter of any business

Value $497

Book Funnels

Just a cart funnels for books really!

Value $397

Membership Funnels

See how the pros sell subscriptions!

Value $197

SAAS Funnels

See how the pros sell software As A Service!

Value $197

Challange Funnels

Challenges are all the rage right now, see what the pioneers are doing.

Value $97

Application Funnels

See what questions the experts ask to make sure they only ever talk to the right clients

Value $97

Product Launch Funnels

Product launch funnels responsible for millions in sales.

Value $97

Summit Funnels

Summit funnels are used by top marketers to teach, inspire and make a lot of money.

Value $67

Survey Funnels

Surveys have been popular for 10 years, heres how “they” do it.

Value $67


Screenshots of some of the best presentations in the industry. want to see how the masters do it? These will give you the bare bones of how presentations work.

Value $67

Currently over


With a combined value $2774

And getting bigger all the time

Soon to be the biggest collection of $1m+ funnels

The hard work has already been done for you!

I’ve gone out, found and put together the biggest collection of funnels!

See what’s working in market after market, niche after niche!

Year after Year!

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You can model the funnels from your favourite marketers

Frank Kern

Russell Brunson

Todd Brown

Kaelin Tuell Poulin

Jeff Walker

Grant Cardone

Aaron Fletcher

Taylor Welch

Julie Stoian

Brad Callen

Tia Lopez

Dr.  Axe

Seriously get lifetime access to what will be one of the greatest swipe files in history.

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